TJ Marching Colonials TJMC is the award-winning marching band of TJHSST recognized for their impressive performances. Directed by Steve Ballard

TJMC 2021 Spring season ended with an impressive final performance
and senior recognition. Congratulations TJMC!

Reasons to join
marching band

A TJMC Alumni perspective

2014 Marching Band Show (photo courtesy of Joseph Berger)
  1. It’s a lot of fun.
  2. It’s a neat way for incoming freshmen to make friends before school starts.
  3. It’s great exercise (they practically run around the field).
  4. It’s a nice mental break from classes.
  5. It provides unique opportunities to develop leadership skills.
  6. It’s a chance to learn from very talented musicians who have been members of and are instructors for world class drum & bugle corps and indoor drum lines.
  7. The TJMC staff coach our students to develop a strong work ethic.
  8. It provides opportunities to sharpen your problem solving skills.
  9. It can be an opportunity to learn to play a new instrument.
  10. You can earn a varsity letter and wear it on a TJ letter jacket.
  11. It opens doors to other music opportunities (e.g., college marching bands and world class drum & bugle corps).
  12. Occasional TJMC hall marches are a great way to start the day!
  13. It’s a fun way to participate in some friendly competition against your base school friends.
  14. Traveling to competitions is an interesting way to visit new places.
  15. You get into football games for free.
  16. It’s okay to wear black socks with shorts.
  17. You won’t have to ride the school bus home 3 or 4 days a week.
  18. Carpooling is very entertaining, especially for the parents who do the driving.

What is the Fall 2022 TJMC schedule like?

 The band performs at home football games and at Saturday competitions during September and October.  During a typical fall season, we will also take a school bus full of TJMC members to a few away football games to play in the stands as we cheer for our football team (pep band trips are not mandatory, but they are a lot of fun).

Fall 2022 TJMC Calendar

What is the requirement to join TJMC?

TJMC is an extra-curricular activity (i.e., it does not meet during the school day).  TJMC rehearsals are after school, usually on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays (see the calendar on this website).  Members of TJMC are expected to be enrolled in curricular band (Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, or Jazz Band) for at least three years; however, they may be part of TJMC all four years, even if they take one year off from curricular band.  Mandatory rehearsals start in August.

What instrument would I play?

TJ students have shown that it is possible to march with almost any instrument (except bassoons and oboes).  Students who play difficult-to-march-with instruments are welcome to join the color guard or pit (percussion equipment that doesn’t move around the field during the show).  Some students learn to play new instruments to help balance the ensemble

Who are the staff of TJMC?

After 17 years as TJMC Assistant Director, in 2020 Steve Ballard assumed the role of Director of Bands at TJHSST. He continues to be actively engaged with TJ’s marching band. Our longtime Color Guard Director is Samantha Ballard.  The members of the TJMC staff are all incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.

What is TJMC known for?

We are known for our musical excellence. TJMC consistently earns first place finishes in numerous local and regional competitions. We can even boast of being Grand Champions!

TJMC is a 5-time Bands of America Regional Finalist (2012, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019), including finishing as Music and Marching Class AAA winner in BOA’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition in 2019. TJMC was named State Champion in Class AAAA at the Virginia Marching Band Cooperative 2019 State Championship.

Fall 2022 TJMC Calendar

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