Congratulations on being accepted into TJ! If you are interested in being a part of the award winning Thomas Jefferson Band Program, find out more below.

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Curricular Band Schedule 2022-23


How different it the TJ program from my base school?

It is the same! The TJ program is completely comprehensive and offers every opportunity that you would be afforded at your base school. Every ensemble is of the highest quality, and you will have the same great experiences and memories that you would have in any band program in the northern VA area.

How do I sign up?

To enroll in the TJ band program, you simply need to select Band as your primary choice for elective in the fall. You will be placed in a holding class until you audition, or are placed in the appropriate ensemble.

Incoming freshmen only need audition if they going for a spot in one of the higher ensembles. All other students will be placed in Symphonic Band. Both of these ensembles will be listed as Advanced Band on your schedule, and will satisfy your TJ Diploma Fine Arts credit during your first year of band.

What about marching band?

TJMC runs during the fall months and is the most visible ensemble in the school. We perform all across the east coast, and have enjoyed great success in recent years. All winds and percussion must be signed up for curricular band. Colorguard members do not have to be enrolled in band (we highly encourage choir/orchestra members to join this group!). Even if you do not play an instrument that typically marches outside (oboe, bassoon) there is always a spot open somewhere in the ensemble for you. No marching experience is required for any member who wishes to join – all first year marchers are beginners at this! There will be much more info given out about TJMC once you have signed up for the course, or you have given the colorguard your information.

TJMC Fall 2022 Band Calendar Updated 8/02

What if I don’t currently play an instrument

We do not offer beginning band as a course. If you elect to try an instrument for the first time as a freshmen you would still be placed in the symphonic band. Students who are going to be brand new to band in the fall of 2011 are required to take private lessons over the summer so that they may be able to assimilate into the class. Please contact Mr. Ballard if you are in this situation.

What if I don’t currently play an instrument

If you are interested in switching to a new instrument, it is allowed solely based on the needs of the ensemble. In recent past, we have had Saxophones switch from Alto to another type, Clarinets switch to Bass Clarinet, and Flutes change to a brass instruments. The instrumentation of the band in the fall will determine the availability/necessity for switchers.

TJ Marching Band

Open Rehearsals:
June 7 and 9, 2022, 5:00-8:00pm

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We welcome questions about TJ student band life, class scheduling, auditions, and rehearsal schedule. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to answer!

Fall 2022 TJ Marching Band Calendar

Coordinate your summer 2022 with TJMC schedule! Updated 5/19

Incoming Freshman Info Packet

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Curricular Band Schedule

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