During the fall, we will take a school bus full of TJMC members to a few away football games (typically 1-3 away games per season).

Pep band trips are voluntary, not required.  Students sign up in the band room a few days before the game.  They stay after school that Friday and practice their pep band music before the game.  We leave TJ around 6:30 pm to go to the game.  We welcome a few parent chaperones to join us.  We can usually fit all the necessary large band equipment in 2 SUVs (including 2 tubas, 5 bass drums, 2 tenor drums, 2 snare drums, and a few trombones, baritones, bass clarinets, etc.).  We try to be back at school between 10:30 and 11:00 pm–sometimes the horrible beltway construction/traffic causes delays

Students are strongly discouraged from driving themselves from TJ to the away game; however, parents can arrange to pick them up at the away game site after the game if they turn in an Alternate Transportation form before the trip.