For 2018-2019, the Band Booster meetings will typically be held the third Tuesday of each month. All parents are invited and encouraged to attend.

The Band Boosters provide support for all aspects of the TJ band program. All TJ band parents and guardians are members of the Band Boosters. (This includes students who participate in curricular band, marching band, winter drum line, and winter guard.) There is no membership fee to join the Band Boosters. Click here to read the Band Boosters bylaws.

We have numerous performances and activities throughout the year, so volunteers are essential for us to have a successful program. We also have a number of fundraisers to reduce the cost of trips and to pay for special instruction, instruments, or other equipment.

In return for your participation you get to be a part of a wonderful music program, watch your child grow in a supportive environment. and share in their joys.

2018 – 2019 Band Boosters Board :

        Co-Presidents – Carol Ann Small & Dana Cibulski &

        VP Communications – Val Kreider

        Co-VPs Ways & Means – Cindy Gersony & Lisa

        Disbursement Treasurer – Heidi Gardner

        Receipts Treasurers – Tom Wetterhan


2018 – 2019 Band Boosters Newsletters:


2018 – 2019 Band Boosters Activity Coordinators:

        TJMC Coordinator: Cheri Emmert
        TJMC Away Camp: Cheri Emmert
        TJMC Uniforms: Jaime Ma
        Curricular Uniforms: Michele Thamasett (, Val Kreider (
        Pre-Concert Meals (for students): Val Kreider (
        Concert Receptions: Dana Cibulski (
        Webmaster: Yong Zhou
        Virtual Tag Day: Lisa Barker (
        Scrip Fundraiser: Val Kreider (
        License Plate Sales: Meg Pasquerella (
        Citrus Sales: Susan Moeser, Anne Appler (
        Spirit Wear: Mae Uy (
        Cookbook Sales: Cindy Gersony (
        Spring Fundraiser: VPs Ways and Means (
        SRO (Senior Regional Orchestra) Auditions: OPEN
        Winter Showcase Coordinator: OPEN
        Winter Showcase Concessions: OPEN
        Winter Showcase Judges’ Hospitality: OPEN
        Bandquet (Spring Band Banquet): OPEN