1. It’s a lot of fun.
  2. It’s a neat way for incoming freshmen to make friends before school starts.
  3. It’s great exercise (they practically run around the field).
  4. It’s a nice mental break from classes.
  5. It provides unique opportunities to develop leadership skills.
  6. It’s a chance to learn from very talented musicians who have been members of and are instructors for world class drum & bugle corps and indoor drum lines.
  7. The TJMC staff coach our students to develop a strong work ethic.
  8. It provides opportunities to sharpen your problem solving skills.
  9. It can be an opportunity to learn to play a new instrument.
  10. You can earn a varsity letter and wear it on a TJ letter jacket.
  11. It opens doors to other music opportunities (e.g., college marching bands and world class drum & bugle corps).
  12. Occasional TJMC hall marches are a great way to start the day!
  13. It’s a fun way to participate in some friendly competition against your base school friends.
  14. Traveling to competitions is an interesting way to visit new places.
  15. You get into football games for free.
  16. It’s okay to wear black socks with shorts.
  17. You won’t have to ride the school bus home 3 or 4 days a week.
  18. Carpooling is very entertaining, especially for the parents who do the driving.