Scrip Schedule 2016-2017

Scrip Instructions 2016

Welcome to the TJ Bands Scrip Program!

What is Scrip?
Scrip is a fundraising program where you buy gift cards to use at your favorite stores, restaurants, and other participating vendors. You receive full face value for the gift cards, and a percentage of your purchase goes to the Band Boosters to support TJ Band programs.

How important is Scrip to TJ Bands?
VERY important! TJ Bands can earn thousands of dollars in Scrip rebates to help defray the cost of uniforms, instruments, competition fees, instruction, and trips. The key is for ALL of our families to participate. If you buy groceries, you can help!

How do I get started?
Set up your family’s online account by going to the Scrip website at On the home screen click on “Register.” On the Get Started screen click on “Join a Scrip Program.” On the Enroll Screen, enter the Enrollment Code for TJHSST Band Boosters, which is 8275B9758861. Follow the prompts to create a user name and password, enter other required information, and click on “Register.”

How do I place a Scrip order?
Simply log in to with your user name and password, click on your favorite vendors, and choose your gift cards! Place your order by 10 p.m. on Sunday, and your student will receive your gift cards the following Thursday morning at TJ before school starts. For immediate access to your funds, order from ScripNow! or Reload vendors. For ultimate convenience, you can use your smart phone to order Scrip. Log in to to learn more.

How do I pay for my Scrip purchases?
Most families pay for Scrip electronically from their checking account with PrestoPay. To register for PrestoPay, go to the Dashboard page. Click on “PrestoPay” at the bottom and enter the required information. It will take 2-3 business days for Great Lakes Scrip Center (“GLSC”) to verify your account. Once your account is verified, GLSC will make two small deposits into your checking account. When you receive these deposits, log in to and click on PrestoPay. Enter both amounts deposited by GLSC and select a four-digit PIN. You will need this PIN to make future Scrip purchases so you should keep it in a secure place with your Scrip user name and password. You will be sent an approval code via email. Forward the approval code to Tracy McGowan at Tracy will enter your approval code, and you will receive an email confirming that your PrestoPay account is active. Please note that when you pay for a Scrip order using PrestoPay, a small convenience fee of 15 cents will be added to your total order amount. If you do not wish to use PrestoPay, you may pay for Scrip orders by personal check. To pay by check, place your order online using the instructions above. Make your check payable to TJ Band Boosters. Have your student bring the check to school by the next Thursday delivery date and give the check to Chris McGowan or put the check in the silver payments box outside the band room. If you have any questions, please email Tracy McGowan at

Thank you for supporting TJ Bands with Scrip!