TJMC 2018 Competition – LVHS

October 6, 2018 all-day
Loudoun Valley HS

Current estimate – small changes could be made by event…

10:00am – Load Crew arrives at TJHSST to load trucks
11:00am – Trucks depart TJHSST – get lunch en route
1:30pm – Arrive at Loudoun Valley High School. Please be sure you have eaten a good lunch and done some playing at home on your own already today.
Unload trucks and change into uniform. If taking SAT you are excused to arrive late if needed.
2:30pm – Unofficial warm-up – Do your own stretching/buzzing – nothing as a group 3:20pm – Official warm-up
4:00pm – Walk to gate
4:10pm – Gate Time
4:20pm – Performance at Loudoun Valley HS in Class AAAA
4:40pm – Load equipment truck – change out of uniform
When changed and EQ loaded, return to stadium to watch the rest of the show – visit concessions
7:00pm – Awards
7:30pm – After awards students are dismissed – Unload Crew return to TJ with the trucks. Parents please do not take students before dismissal unless you have cleared it with Mr. Foreman first.